Salvia Atramentum

Salvia Atramentum is a classic princess cut dress with a collar, made of two fabrics in a dark ink-blue shade. It features a back zipper and a small button at the nape of the neck.

Salvia Flora

Salvia Flora is a universal model based on an X-line, perfect for women with curvy hips. Made of two contrasting fabrics: wooden green and light beige with floral and bird motives.

Petunia Botanica

Petunia Botanica is a cute girly dress with long sleeves and a collar contrasted to the fabric with floral and bird motives. It will accentuate your bust and waist. Accessorised with buttons on the cuffs.

Petunia Flora

Petunia Flora has an optically slimming cut and a light collar contrasting with the dominating green fabric. This back-to-school dress will ensure a lovely look. With a zipper and a fine button on the back.

Rosa Atramentum

Rosa Atramentum is Rosa Botanica’s subdued sister, crafted entirely out of fabric in a beautiful ink-blue colour. It elongates the figure while defining the bust and waist and subtly uncovers the collar bones. An outstanding dress with its classic style and coloured buttons borrowed from its sister Botanica.

Rosa Botanica

Rosa Botanica is an ultrafeminine X-line dress, which plays up the bust and waist and subtly uncovers the collar bones. It is classic, refined and sensual. Made entirely of a floral patterned fabric with 98% cotton. We think Monica Bellucci would love it!



The Luna jewellery line is our take on amethyst set in gold and silver. Just as the moonlight embellishes a dark night, Luna will enhance your natural beauty and make even the simplest outfit look special.



The Terra line consists of Amazon stone immersed in our gold or silver. The stone is cherished by people who love nature and fresh air. Its mint colour emphasises the special character of the person who wears it.



Sol is a sunstone embellished with gold or silver. The Sun is the source of warmth and joy, that is why we believe that during a cloudy day our Sol jewellery will light up your complexion and will make you smile even on the gloomiest of days!