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A chilly morning. Peaceful, cosy home. The idyll is accompanied by the silence before the spring! We celebrate the beginning of this heavenly season. The idyllic landscape and the aura of early spring inspired us to create things that women do long for. The charm of symmetry and essence of the 40s and 50s make the clothes from this collection as classical as the paintings from bygone eras and old photographs.


Early Spring is a special time of the year and the new Visteria proves there are reasons for it! This dress, inspired by the 40s, is a tribute to the art of tailoring, and at the same time a perfect proposition for all meetings, big outings and every day! It’s a design with a classic soul made of our favourite cotton! Sensual and refined – one and only! This season it is available in two color versions!


This season, it returns changed! In intriguing colors, but just as expressive. This original dress lined with the spirit of the past with a delicate lining is a real work of art! A gem of this collection that is easy to wear and looks great! In spring it is available in three colors: dirty pink, inky and honey.


To say it’s an innovative project is to say nothing! Artemisia is inspired by the wonderful portraits of great ladies and ordinary women that have been created over the centuries! This spring, we also want to abandon gray in favor of beauty that has worked well in past eras. And this dress is comfortable and classically beautiful! The unique, elaborately made collar looks like a small work of art, and the subtle velvet ribbon captivates with a romantic note!


Light, delicate and thoroughly classic! This spring we focus on very feminine wardrobe items. The captivating Lotus is a proposition for each of us for every season! This is not an accessory, it is the basis of clothing. Inspired by what we love about classic elegance, it is also very practical! Available in three color versions.


The classic is not afraid of symmetry and saturated colors! Inspired by the fashion of the past, we have given spring Ambrosia a new character! This modest, but not devoid of character dress is our most romantic proposition in this collection. This time in three original color versions.


Unique and elegant! Cecelia is a combination of a clutch bag and a messenger bag. Our new leather proposal catches the eye with its craftsmanship, and it conceals more than you might think! To say it is inconspicuous is an understatement. The geometric form is not only the essence of the classic style, but also the reason why Cecelia is the best addition to any type of outfit. Available in two colors: dark brown and cognac.


The essence of a classic, which has a solid foundation in this case! These high-heeled shoes are made of the best quality leather. Created out of love for craftsmanship and female nature! The unique design evoking the 40s is a classic at its best. These are shoes with a soul – neat and comfortable! Available in two color versions.


Expressive and classic! It is impossible not to pay attention to her. The unique lacing at the neck is inspired by the symbols of the past, and the cut makes it suitable for all circumstances! This original dress will add charm and girly character regardless of the season. This time in a completely new edition – decorated with a grille!


This unique dress draws attention with its rich ruffles and a wide waist. It phenomenally emphasizes everything that creates the framework of femininity. Its elaborate and classic form catches the eye, and the delicate fabric makes it also extremely comfortable and light. This dress will not let you pass unnoticed! Available in three colors: flowers, polka dots and checked.


These are the kind of skirts we used to wear! Unique family photos remind us of them! This is a classic in its pure form that reigned not so long ago. But this spring, the flared Mina brings back the classic and the unique! In addition, it goes well with shirts and leather shoes in any combination. Here’s a trip to the past in style! This season in two checkered versions.


Refined and noble. Herba in the spring version is like the canvas of the best artist! Perfect background and great effects achieved with the right accessories. What’s more, sewn from elastic fabric, it arranges fabulously, creating fantastic proportions! It perfectly harmonizes with jewelry, headdresses and skirts of all styles. This season, in two classic colors.



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