A brisk morning. Golden leaves on a sunny afternoon. This background needs to be decorated with classic colours and outstandingly feminine cuts! Those days, filled with moist air and birdsongs, are the ones during which we stroll in lined, woollen skirts and dresses! Let’s get carried away with the charm of collars and cuffs! Let the landscape-inspired shades of brown and autumn night shades of navy blue accentuate the blushed cheeks!


What do women crave in winter? Warmth and… beauty! This refined model is a perfect combination of convenience and pure elegance! Regardless of other pieces, this woollen, behind-the-knee coat with a shawl collar keeps the right proportions of a feminine silhouette! Gorgeous shoulder and hip lines contrast with the waistline. Crocus is a perfect choice even for the coldest weather. Every woman will find her favourite version among the available colours: sand-beige, bottle-green and black!


That’s an Arnica that you haven’t seen yet! Its autumn-winter edition was elegantly laced around the neckline and on the cuffs. Classic, refined colours are a perfect choice for festive events, walks around fragile, golden leaves or family dinners. Regardless of the occasion, this model always subtly accentuates the waistline and the hips. Autumn and winter are a wonderful time, if you can still feel feminine – that’s how Arnica makes you feel!


Autumn-winter edition of Rosa is a combination of warming, noble colours and an exquisitely feminine cut. This time, prepare yourselves for checked and subtle, floral patterns. Cotton fabric makes this modest dress drape perfectly and makes it suitable even for the coldest days! Together with the coats and Fular scarves, it creates an elegant ensemble. Regardless of the weather, Rosa is a perfect choice!


Sophisticated, but sensual. Seductive, but elegant. Calendula is a 40s-inspired dress that might be called a fashion epiphany. Masterfully designed and tailored, it endows the owner with charm and feminine character of the bygone era! Its charm results from the gathered yoke neckline and wonderful puffs!


It’s a triumphant comeback! The new Asterella in majestic colours is a treat to the amateurs of classic design. Turtleneck will keep you warm on the coldest days and provide an every-day, sensually elegant look. Rusty brown, ink navy and light-grey are not only classic shades, but also make an excellent choice for the important and whose less important events, walks and meetings!


Forsycia comes back this autumn as our most elegant shirt. Available in basic colours – pure white and brown, it will highlight your complexion and facial features. Pairs perfectly with every kind of jewellery, bringing it to an even more elegant dimension! It is a romantic choice both for Christmas and other important events.


This winter we don’t have to be afraid of the freezing cold! Comfortable and warm, this skirt will turn every walk into a pleasant experience, regardless of the weather! Woollen Mina with a cotton lining serves as an established way of spending quality time with your family and quiet moments in the solitary company of a book!




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