Bellama Botanica Rosea

Bellama in the color of dirty pink with cream patterns captivates with its classic character in every way! A dress that we still lack on the market. Bellama is a proposal inspired by the 40s that will emphasize the sensual side of every woman, thanks to the subtle fabric seductively flowing around shapes. Nothing is accidental here – a system of delicate wrinkles in the right places exposes the bust and optically narrows the waist and shoul-ders, and the loose hemline flows around the hip line. The interesting contrast effect of the waist belt will optically even out the proportions. The artful top combined with airy bot-tom reminds us of what we love classic elegance for. Ruffles and symbolic puffs make it impossible to accuse Bellama of being an ordinary dress, which is everywhere. The spring version will add style in combination with leather accessories, such as a purse and shoes. It was made of delicate, high-quality viscose. The floral pattern emphasizes subtle-ty and character, and additionally gives the whole girlish charm! Unique patterns were designed by artists on special order, and the fabric received the OEKO-TEX 100 certifi-cate, which means that it does not contain any toxic substances in contact with the skin. This is a dress that is light and airy, yet durable. The unique ruffles and the original shape of the sleeves remind us that each element matters. The attention to detail, alt-hough forgotten, returns in the design of this dress as well! The use of small, hand-covered buttons balances the composition. If so far you thought that creating clothes is not an art, take a closer look at this design! The product is made entirely in Poland by tra-ditional craftsmen. The dress has no lining.

100% Viscose
Weight: 125g/m2
Buttons on the cuffs, hand covered with fabric



Bust 82-85 cm 86-89 cm 90-93 cm 94-97 cm 98-101 cm
Waist 65-68 cm 68-72 cm 72-76 cm 76-80 cm 80-85 cm
Hips 93-96 cm 97-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-107 cm 108-112 cm
Lenght 113 115 115 115 117

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