Bouqetia Planta Alba


Delicate, romantic, full of charm. This spring, Bouqetia will invite you to the world we see in the paintings at Grandma’s house. It is the world described in poetry and the world seen through the eyes of great writers. Bouqetia phenomenally underlines everything that makes us look feminine. It accentuates the shapes through a solid construction based on horizontal lines and one vertical formed by a belt that slims the waist and continues the role of a corset. It is a very characteristic element of this dress. Ruffles in combination with the construction give a powerful effect of inspiration from the past. Wonderful, subtle flowers combined with the mastery of form give a dazzling effect. The details in the right places emphasize the bust and optically narrow the waist and shoulders, and the loose skirt flows along the hip line. The rich top in combination with the airy skirt gives the effect of lightness, but also stands out from most typical dresses. The length midi is an original solution on the contemporary clothing market, which won your hearts right from the beginning.

Made of delicate, high-quality viscose with floral patterns Bouqetia is an extremely light dress. Despite its majestic form from the 1940s, it remains subtle. Thanks to the breathable fabric and cotton lining, depending on the accessories, it will be perfect both in summer and winter. It is a model for the whole year – it goes perfectly with both aeterie coats and sweaters, as well as delicate shoes. Gorgeous details draw attention from the very first moments – a hand-covered button on the back or charming puffs are an inspiration from bygone eras, and the craftsmanship always makes an impression! The product is made entirely in Poland by traditional craftsmen. The dress has no lining.

Composition: 100% Viscose;
Weight: 150g/m3
Lining: 100% Cotton.


  unit  XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL 
Bust  cm  82-85  86-89  90-93  94-97  98-101  102-105 
Waist  cm  65-68  68-72  72-76  76-80  80-85  84-88 
Hips  cm  93-96  97-100  101-104  105-107  108-112  111-116 
Lenght  cm  107  109  109  109  111  111 

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