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Capsula Rosea


The capsula in the color of light pink with beige, is extremely shapely and very solidly made. This chest is also practical – it will allow you to store numerous treasures. There are two pockets inside, thanks to which you can separate the most necessary things. Fastened with a magnet, it will turn out to be a private vault, access to which will be extremely convenient! Made of natural, high-quality Capsula leather is a proposition you’ve been waiting for. It fits perfectly with every element of classic elegance, it harmonizes beautifully with dresses and coats. It’s a great choice both in summer and winter as it protects the treasures entrusted to it against rain or temperature changes. It owes its unusual, almost artistic structure to a wooden frame, which is the core of the structure and an interesting stylistic concept. The bag can be placed freely because its bottom is stable. This seemingly simple form is the master’s work, which will be appreciated by fans of the classics. The product is made entirely in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% Leather.
Bag height: approx. 20 cm
Bag width: approx. 26 cm

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