Ceremonia Bruna

Ceremonia shoes are absolutely unique! The combination of masterful precision and passion for the classic vision of beauty brings unexpected results. They are mounted on a stable heel made of a special material, which at the same time provides extraordinary durability and flexibility. These are shoes for the warm months, but they also perfectly match socks or tights. Ceremonia shoes will last for years as they are very durable. Thanks to the appropriate softness of the raw materials, they will adapt to the owner’s foot and make every walk or dance gain a new quality! Before you, shoes made by a trusted craftsman from the best quality leather, and specially selected leather is a guarantee of protection against moisture, as well as the certainty that these pearls will not disappoint while dancing! The finest leather follows the shape of the wearer’s foot and is flexible to protect against chafing! A 6.5 cm high heel will slim the legs and the whole figure, and at the same time, thanks to an original design provides stability. The product is made entirely in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% lenght
Heel: High quality ABS plastic; height approx. 6.5 cm


36 37 38 39 40 41
the length of the insert 23 – 23,9 cm 24 cm 24,1-24,9 cm 25 cm 25,1 -25,9 cm 26 cm – 26,9 cm

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