Hortensia Atramentum

Oxford-blue Hortensia is a choice for every season. The neckline will emphasize the delicacy of the face and lengthen the neck, and the flaps will give a shine in the eye. The dress follows the rules of classic elegance, so it emphasizes the waist, dividing the silhouette into two parts: the smaller one – the top, and the larger one, the bottom. This makes the legs seem longer. The line drawn through the lace emphasizes the shape of the bust and gives three-dimensionality to the entire top. Inspired by the 1940s, this dress is a guarantee of comfort and lightness. The shoulder line built with a well-thought-out structure builds the silhouette and perfectly emphasizes the waist. The wide belt makes you slimmer. Long sleeves are a solution that allows you to hide both from the cold and from the sun. Thanks to the length covering the knee, Hortensia is perfectly positioned in motion. Made of delicate, high-quality viscose, it retains airiness. Thanks to the breathable fabric, depending on the accessories, it will work for most of the year. It fits perfectly with both aeterie coats and cardigans. The whole thing has the spirit of the past and a classic character. The dress is fastened with a zipper on the side. The product is made entirely in Poland by traditional craftsmen. Dress without the lining. Please choose a standard size.

Composition: 100% Viscose
Weight: 150g / m2
Hand-covered buttons with fabric


Bust 82-85 cm 86-89 cm 90-93 cm 94-97 cm 98-101 cm
Waist 65-68 cm 68-72 cm 72-76 cm 76-80 cm 80-85 cm
Hips 93-96 cm 97-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-107 cm 108-112 cm
Lenght 100 cm 102 cm 104 cm 105 cm 106 cm


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