Lobelia Paterna Caramel

Lobelia with a floral pattern on a caramel background. Unusual, but at the same time traditional! This model is exquisitely feminine, whilst endowed with modesty. Long sleeves make it a convenient choice even for the winter season and the close-bodied top additionally protects the neckline from wind and cold. The above-knee length provides comfort and makes the legs look optically slimmer. It creates a perfect ensemble with each type of leather shoes. The tight-fitting waistline flatters the hips and accentuates the bustline. Pairs flawlessly with Aeterie coats’ length. The long, all-round waistband emphasizes the waistline and allows a wide variety of ways to tie an outstanding bow. The charming collar makes Lobelia not only unusual but also alluring. You simply can’t walk by its captivating colour. The neckline gatherings endow it with unique allure and elegance. The product was made in Poland in its entirety by craftsmen using traditional methods. The unique patterns were custom-made by visual artists and the fabric carries an OEKO-TEX 100 certificate, which means that it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals in contact with skin.

Composition: Material: 100% viscose
Weave: twill
Weight: 115g/m2
Buttons: hand-covered with fabric
Lining: 100% cotton


Bust 82-85 cm 86-89 cm 90-93 cm 94-97 cm 98-101 cm
Waist 65-67 cm 68-71 cm 72-75 cm 76-79 cm 80-84 cm
Hips 93-96 cm 97-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-107 cm 108-112 cm
Lenght 98 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 102 cm


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