Noelina Rosea

Dirty pink Noelina is a dress that will take you to a time when aesthetics was a value in itself. Resembling a corset, it allows you to emphasize the waist and optically lengthen the figure. The geometric mountain makes a stunning impression, creating a frame for the figure. The V-shaped neckline lengthens the neck and forms the main axis of the figure, emphasizing the hips, shoulders and bust. This is how classic styles are created – nothing is accidental here! Short sleeves will work all year round if you choose an aeterie coat or sweater. Perfect for hot days in the park and important meetings. A wide belt at the waist makes it look slimmer and sensual. The dress is knee-length, which is why it guarantees comfort and is suitable for any occasion. Cotton lining will provide extra protection. It also arranges itself beautifully in motion. It’s definitely a dance dress! Noelina, made of a delicate fabric, will work in various circumstances, both in nature and scenes. The attention to detail draws attention from the first moments – hand-covered buttons or charming puffs are an inspiration from bygone eras, but as you can see – craftsmanship always defends itself! The product is entirely made in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight: 130g/m3
Lining: 100% Cotton
Hand-covered buttons with fabric


  unit  XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL 
Bust  cm  82-85  86-89  90-93  94-97  98-101  102-105 
Waist  cm  65-67  68-71  72-75  76-79  80-84  84-87 
Hips  cm  93-96  97-100  101-104  105-107  108-112  111-116 
Lenght  cm  110  112  112  112  114  114 

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