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Plecta Bruna


Shoes that are truly unique! Made of high-quality leather, dark chocolate Plecta sandals are an invitation for a walk or maybe even for several seasons filled with walks. Elegance on a stable heel and a step full of passion! A trusted craftsman has allowed us to turn the fantasy of beauty and comfort into a real object that makes an impression even when it stands on a shelf … A stiff and solid heel made of a special material is a guarantee of unforgettable dancing parties and safe pursuit of dreams … Plecta will ensure high wearing comfort and recall past eras when small steps were a guarantee of health and beauty. As elegant as original, they match all kinds of dresses. These are shoes for years that will adapt to the owner’s foot and will give each styling a beautiful ending! The Plecta have a leather insole that is made of soft leather for complete comfort. The product is made entirely in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% Leather
Heel: High-quality ABS plastic, height approx. 8.5 cm.



36 37 38 39 40 41
Lenght of the insert 23,4 cm 24 cm 24,6 cm 25,2 cm 25,8 cm 26,4 cm


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