Primula Quadra Atramentum


Checkered Primula on an ink background, inspired by the 1940s is a masterpiece of a classic form. As such it promises a wonderful effect. Ruffles around the bust refer to the fashion of bygone eras, and the V-shaped neckline lengthens the neck and, as a result, the entire figure. An elaborate top in combination with an ethereal bottom gives the effect of lightness, but also stands out from most typical dresses. The intricately made, ruffled neckline makes a special impression. The shoulder line built with a well-thought-out structure builds the silhouette and perfectly emphasizes the waist. Long sleeves are a solution that allows you to hide both from the cold and from the sun. This length dress is perfect for moving. The waist belt follows the tradition of the corset, while emphasizing the right proportions. Made of high-quality Primula plaid cotton, it is an extremely comfortable dress. Despite its majestic form from the 1940s, it remains delicate, and the subtle lining gives form and provides protection against the cold. Due to the fact that it is made of cotton, depending on the accessories, Primula will be perfect both in summer and winter. It is a model for the whole year – it goes perfectly with both aeterie coats and sweaters, as well as delicate pumps. Cuffs finished with an elastic band, hand-covered buttons and a high waistband are inspired by bygone eras, but as you can see – artistry always defends itself! The product is made in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% cotton
Weight: 130g / m2
Lining: 100% viscose
Hand buttons covered with fabric

The norm of cotton shrinkage is up to 7%. We recommend using the lowest possible temperatures for maintenance.



Bust 83-86 cm 87-90 cm 91-94 cm 94-97 cm 98-101 cm
Waist 66-68 cm 69-72 cm 73-76 cm 77-80 cm 81-85 cm
Hips 93-96 cm 97-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-107 cm 108-112 cm
Lenght 100 cm 102 cm 102 cm 102 cm 104 cm

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