Solare Desertum

The Solare hat – a real treat for lovers of classic elegance, which goes beyond wearing dresses in this spirit. The long break in wear-ing hats did not benefit women! It is hard to better align the propor-tions of the face and emphasize the neck and shoulder line than the full form at the end of the figure. In addition, the incomparable joy of wearing hats is finally also available in summer! Mystery and classic elegance! Although today wearing Solare may be consid-ered original, not so long ago it was the basis of elegance! The rib-bon is made of chiffon silk, and a subtle pin will additionally con-trast the noble material.

Composition: 100% Straw
Ribbon: 100% Silk
Circumference: approx. 55 cm. The size is adjustable.

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