Vacantia Planta


Vacantia undoubtedly takes us back to childhood. Both the cut and the pattern allow us to recall our carefree childhood and recall the chic of the old years, though not so distant. And so the midi skirt is back in favor! The high and strong belt is a strong accent that divides the silhouette, emphasizes the subtlety of the top and the lightness of the bottom. The belt evokes the fashion of the 50s and 60s and is an unflagging inspiration related to the youth of our grandmothers and mothers. It’s a skirt that strongly accentuates the hips and begs for good leather shoes. In combination with a small bag, it attaches a film from the past. Vacantia will love bright and colorful shirts and, of course, all kinds of hats. Light and airy viscose gives the skirt the desired shape. So is the ruffle at the waist. This classic proposition will prove itself all year round! This is due to the delicate cotton lining that protects against the cold and gives form to the whole, creating an additional layer. The skirt is fastened with a practical, yet subtle zipper on the side, which makes it easy to put on and take off. The product is entirely made in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight: 120g/m3
Lining: 100% Cotton
Hand-covered buttons with fabric


  unit  XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL 
Waist  cm  65-67  68-71  72-75  76-79  80-84  85-88 
Length  cm  73  75  75  75  77  77 




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