Elegance loves pastel colors! The colors of spring rose buds awaken your senses! A wardrobe filled with all shades of pink takes you to a carefree childhood, where every fra-grance and color is a feast for the senses. The spring collection is a palette inspired by the color of fresh flowers, candies from grandma’s crystal sugar bowl and the juicy color of cherry preserves. The icing on the cake will be unjustly forgotten fashions from the old days! Amazing models of shoes will carry you on foot to summer, which will make you feel like a modern princess!


We love stronger in spring! And in this dress you will feel extremely feminine, as the clearly emphasized waist gives the shape of the entire figure. The craftsmanship is of great importance to us – the perfect fit of the material gives a stunning effect. Plus those endearing flowers! Georgia is a nostalgic journey to the sources of true femininity. Proper-ly tense in some places and playfully airy and light in others. Every step in Georgia is like dancing and that’s what we meant! This season, in three variants: flowers on a pink background, small flowers on an ecru background and green.


Dress made of rose buds! The spectacular Noelina smells of sweet flowers and at the same time has such juicy colors that we are reminded of the most beautiful orchards and gardens! Built on the basis of a corset, Noelina is extremely sensual, and does not need to reveal too much … Thanks to her, we remember the times when dresses were worth a lot! This season, it is available in three colors: ecru, flowers on a brown background and flowers on a pink background.


A dress looking like from an old magazine! A clearly defined waist is the basis, but the flared bottom is the best that could have happened to us in spring! Non-obvious solutions and a charming sash are the basis of stunning creations from past eras. Cynia does not take much, it is iconic and will always make a dazzling impression! This season, it is available in three variants: floral green, brown with small flowers and powder pink.


Bellama is a dress with which you will welcome and say goodbye to the day! Perfectly made and amazingly practical! This is the answer of classic elegance to today’s women’s needs! This light and airy proposal is perfect for spring strolls, summer travels and au-tumn walks. The combination of dirty pink and cream cream with every sense brings back everything we love in spring! Available in two color versions.


Spring means only one thing to us – it will be light and classic! Chaber is a coat that doesn’t look good – it always looks great! It gives the body proportions, no matter what you choose for it. Perfect for any accessories, it will love scarves, scarves and hats! Elegance fastened with 11 buttons this season available in sand beige and chocolate brown.


Do pragmatism and beauty go hand in hand? Of course! This cute leather handbag will hold your essentials and steal your heart at the same time! Details straight from the past make this proposal completely unique. This is not an add-on, it’s a story about how addic-tive classic elegance is! Available in three color variants: powder pink, caramel and choc-olate brown.


Inspired by the dreams of great dancers – these shoes are just perfect! Extremely comfort-able, and at the same time without sacrificing elegance! These are shoes for a wedding and a trip out of town. Subtle and light, they do not overload the foot, but always give it a slender shape. Delicate, yet very durable, thanks to the best materials! These are shoes that you can wear in summer, spring and fall. They fit equally well with tights, socks, as well as bare feet! Available in three color versions.


Ever wonder what Cinderella’s shoe was on that night? Yes, Ceremonia shoes will allow each of us to dance the night away in high heels and feel like a real princess … Classic, elegant and with almost perfect proportions! They will slim each foot and the entire leg, and give the figure new proportions! It is impossible not to fall in love – a masterpiece of form and… soul!


This season we are trying out completely new forms! Here is our variation on the master-ful precision of a talented craftsman – embroidered dresses. Fabulous Limonia is the es-sence of spring girlish charm and sweetness. The romantic frill at the bottom is an invita-tion to a unique walk. After all, in such a dress it cannot be an ordinary stroll. This sea-son, it is available in three variants: rose, pink and black.


Plumeria is a masterpiece of classic elegance! Pastel shades will prove themselves in spring and are the basis for any accessory! This shirt, decorated with endearing embroi-dery, captivates from the very first moment! Craft applications will make an impression, and the delicate fabric will slim the figure! Wherever you go by putting on this shirt, you remind everyone why the classic has no alternative! Available in two versions: ecru and powder pink.


This spring, we welcome all those beautiful springs when the outfit was a something special! This is one of those skirts that you can see in old photos, but you won’t find it in stores! A charming detail, which is a belt with a buckle, gives it extraordinary clarity and classic rite! And the color of dry wine and blue gray will perfectly match the shirts from the spring collection! Available in two color versions.



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