Noelina Caramel


Noelina Caramel is a dress that will take you back to a time when aesthetics was a value in itself. Resembling a corset, it allows you to emphasize the waist and optically lengthen the figure. The geometric mountain makes a stunning impression, creating a frame for the figure. The V-shaped neckline lengthens the neck and forms the main axis of the figure, emphasizing the hips, shoulders and bust. Decorative buttons add charm to the delicate whole.This is how classic styles are created – nothing is accidental here!
Short sleeves will work all year round if you choose an aeterie coat or sweater. Perfect for hot days in the park and important meetings. A wide belt at the waist makes it look slimmer and sensual. The dress is knee-length, which is why it guarantees comfort and is suitable for any occasion. It also arranges itself beautifully in motion. It’s definitely a dance dress! Noelina, made of a high-quality, delicate fabric, will work in various circumstances, both in nature and scenes. The attention to detail draws attention from the first moments – decorative buttons or charming puffs and ruffles are an inspiration from bygone eras, but as you can see – craftsmanship always defends itself! The product is made in Poland.

Composition: 100% Viscose
Weight: 150g/m3


  j.m.  XS  S  M  L  XL  XXL 
Bust  cm  82-85  86-89  90-93  94-97  98-101  102-105 
Waist  cm  65-67  68-71  72-75  76-79  80-84  84-87 
Hips  cm  93-96  97-100  101-104  105-107  108-112  111-116 
Length  cm  110  112  112  112  114  114 


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