Opuntia Quadra Mus


Checkered Opuntia is one of the most unique products on the Polish clothing market, as fashion has forgotten the form of a sleeveless shirtdress. Handcrafted precision, love to detail and in-teresting construction management. Opuntia is a dress that will at-tract attention to every figure. A vertical line running along the en-tire length optically lengthens the figure, and the pearl buttons will add charm. The sleeveless design accentuates the corset-inspired fit part of the dress. We have achieved harmonious proportions through the depth of the cut at the shoulders and the thickness of the straps. The dress reaches below the knee, which makes it a perfect match with our coats and sweaters. The pockets hidden on the sides evoke the practicality of the apron and the charm of de-tails. The knee length is perfect for all body types. The dress is made of high-quality cotton, which is why it is extremely practical and comfortable. It’s a dress without a lining. The product is made in Poland by traditional craftsmen.

Composition: 100% Cotton



Bust 82-85 cm 86-89 cm 90-93 cm 94-97 cm 98-101 cm
Waist 65-68 cm 68-72 cm 72-76 cm 76-80 cm 80-85 cm
Hips 93-96 cm 97-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-107 cm 108-112 cm
Lenght  3/4 3/4  3/4  3/4  3/4

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